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Couple Returns Home From Vacation To Find Unexpected Guest Lounging In On Their Couch

911 operators probably get a number of odd calls, among the genuine emergency-related ones. There are pranks, of course, and then there are really, really strange requests for help. I can’t imagine what the operator who picked up the call from Mrs. Peterson though, when she rang the emergency number up on a Sunday evening and informed them of a wild turkey in her and her husband Barry’s house – a bird who simply refused to leave.

The turkey had smashed through the front window of the house and made himself very comfortable by perching on the sofa.

When he saw the couple, he simply stared at them and didn’t move, even as Mrs. Peterson called for help.

They then attempted to open the door and show him the exit, but the turkey wasn’t interested in vacating the sofa at all.

They opened a window, and still to no avail.