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Wild Rhino Rushes Up To Photographer — Even He Couldn’t Predict His Unusual Request

Life as a wildlife photographer is full of excitement and challenges – at least I imagine it is, I am not a wildlife photographer. Garth de Bruno Austin was filming a movie to shed light on the brutal poaching practices taking place in South Africa when a wild rhino approached him. Now, if you are like me, seeing a wild rhino would strike fear in my heart.

Garth figured the rhino just wanted to see what was happening – but instead, the rhino wanted a little human attention. More specifically, the rhino wanted a belly rub! Who knew!? This wasn’t the first time Garth had met the rhino, though. The two have been building a relationship for some time.

Take a look at this video!

So, don’t think that any rhino that comes up to you just wants to cuddle! What a powerful and beautiful moment!

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