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Wife Dies Hours After Giving Birth, Then Husband Logs Into Her Pregnancy Blog

Happiness and tragedy struck on the same day for Matt Logelin in March 2008. His wife, Liz, gave birth to their baby girl and within hours had passed away. Liz hadn’t had an easy pregnancy and was on bed rest for more than four weeks, she started a blog to help pass the time and keep friends and family updated.

Liz gave birth to Madeline via C-section seven weeks early and got to see her baby for several brief moments. Doctors advised Liz to stay in bed for another day before she held her new baby. Liz died from a massive pulmonary embolism before she could hold Madeline. Shortly afterward, Matt logged on to Liz’s blog and began typing he shared his emotions (good and bad) just like Liz had done.

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Within months, the blog had taken on a new shape and something beautiful happened. Share away, people.