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Wife Brutally Attacked By Husband While She Shielded Her 3-Year-Old Son With Body

Some anywhere from one-third to one-half of the world’s population is either in a serious relationship or married.

Unfortunately, tons of violence takes place between the two members of romantic relationships to the tune of tens of thousands of incidences of domestic violence each and every day.

One of the world’s most recent victims of domestic violence is Kerry Armstrong, who was severely beaten by her longtime husband, Gary Peoples, in the United Kingdom.

As a means of changing the world we live in, Kerry Armstrong has used the small bit of coverage she’s received over the past few days to spread the word that victims of domestic violence should readily, routinely report such attacks to relevant law enforcement agencies.

Armstrong, who is a mother to a 13-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, used her body to separate her now ex-husband Gary Peoples from her son.

After Peoples was done assaulting Kerry, he assaulted her 13-year-old daughter, who is not a biological descendant of Gary Peoples.

Armstrong desperately wanted to inform law enforcement officers and neighbors of what had just happened immediately following the assault, though Gary didn’t allow Armstrong to leave their residence.

After a few hours of waiting, Kerry was able to sneak out of a window.

From there, with her car keys in hand, she drove a few minutes away to her mother’s residence.

Her brother, who was at her mom’s house at the time she arrived, immediately called the police before Kerry could say a single word. He saw just how badly her face was beaten, swollen, and bruised.

Fortunately for society, Gary Peoples has been charged with domestic violence and was recently sentenced to a 20-month sentence in one of the United Kingdom’s harshest prisons.

The sentence serves him right, don’t you think?

If you share Kerry Armstrong’s story along with her message on social media or in person with family members, coworkers, or friends, you can rest assured knowing that you’re helping other victims of domestic violence gain the courage to report their attackers to law enforcement officers, medical professionals, or other relevant authorities.