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Can You Determine Who Is The ‘Dumbest’ Individual In This Viral Image?

In any given situation, there are a number of different perspectives which can be taken.

Some people are influenced by their belief systems, while others perceive the world differently due to a past experience.

Either way, it is clear that the world is comprised of unique individuals that have varying views on the same topic.

Keep these varying perspectives in mind while looking at the image below.

who is the dumbest

This viral image can be used as a test to determine how people see the world differently. After looking at the image for a second, try to answer the following question:

Who is the ‘dumbest’ individual in the tree?

It’s important to imagine what will happen to each individual given their choices in the image.

Although the aftermath isn’t depicted, it’s not hard to imagine how each individual would fair a few moments after the image was taken.

It’s also important to come to your own definition of the word ‘dumb’.

If you identified number one as the ‘dumbest’ individual, you are most likely someone who favors reasoning over emotional reactions.

who is the dumbest

You’re a champion of scientific progress and buy into the idea of survival of the fittest.

You also enjoy bringing accepted ideas into question to challenge their validity with logic.

You probably think that the man labeled number one is idly waiting as his fate is sealed by the actions of another person.

According to his facial expression, he is sad about the incident. Some other people may identify number three as the ‘dumbest’ individual.

who is the dumbest

Although he seems to be in the best position to remain on the tree and avoid a potentially disastrous fall, he may still face legal consequences for his actions.

In the context of punishment and justice, he is clearly not the smartest person in the group.

When thinking about the aftermath of this incident, number three is the ‘dumbest’ person.