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White Couple Give Birth To Triplets, But Look Closely And You’ll See They’re ‘Different’

This is a beautiful love story – first, it was love between a man and his wife. Then the couple’s family grew – and grew! Aaron and Rachel Halbert got married knowing they wanted children, but they had trouble conceiving naturally. The couple then decided to adopt two African-American children from an adoption agency in Mississippi. As a white couple, their decision to adopt black children was met with scorn and racism.

The couple was undaunted. They hear about a program at the National Embryo Donation Center, and Rachel had two African-American twin embryos implanted. The embryos at the center are excess frozen embryos that couples who are having trouble conceiving can ‘adopt.’ Watch the video to see what happened – remember, this is a love story!

Take a look!

Being loved and cared for by parents is the most important thing for children. Skin color is – well, just skin color.

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