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White Bear Mascot Can’t Stop Slipping On The Ice In Hilarious Ad Outtakes

This will make you laugh out loud, and you may find yourself rolling on the floor too! The White Bear Mitsubishi dealership was filming a commercial at an ice skating rink. Why a car dealer would do such a thing is a little beyond me – but, it made for a funny commercial.

It was not funny because of the ice skating rink and the cars parked on it, the funny part is the “White Bear” mascot who just can’t seem to walk or stand on the ice. The poor person inside must have been so frustrated! When you watch, you will understand why the video has gone viral.

Take a look at this video!

I am not one to laugh at someone else’s expense, but you just catn’t help yourself. The end is too much! They wanted to make a simple commercial, but ended up going viral beyond belief! Share away, people!