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Drone Footage Reveals Hundreds Of Whales Trapped In Secret Underwater ‘Jails’

A drone can be used to capture images of things that the naked eye often can’t see.

If you were to explore the area off the coast of Russia, you would learn about a prison like none other. There are roughly 100 whales kept in small pods in the ocean.

There are about 90 beluga whales that are essentially trapped in this large jail system.

It’s likely that the jail is illegal to operate and that few people know that it’s even in the water.

This is the largest number of whales that are being kept in one area across the world.

When the drone captured the images of the whales in their small pods, the pictures were sent to marine biologists and wildlife organizations.

There is no clear reason as to why the animals are being kept in the water and prevented from leaving the area, but some believe that the whales are being sold to zoos and amusement parks.

China is one of the countries that could benefit from the whales. Many parks in China are willing to pay millions of dollars for belugas or orcas.

They know that the money can easily be made back because there are over 60 marine parks in China already with almost a dozen more being planned or that are in the process of being completed.

Whales can be sold for educational purposes, but they are not supposed to be sold for entertainment.

Most of the people who buy and sell whales claim that they want them so that they can teach others about their behavior.

They also claim that they want to promote the conservation of whales by encouraging reproduction.

The images taken by the drone have been given to prosecutors who are trying to put together a case against the people who are responsible for the whale jail.

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