When Nan Hauser, a marine biologist of 28 years, entered the waters of Cook Islands in the South Pacific, she did not anticipate to be saved by a humpback whale.

Behind her was a crew that aimed at filming her interactions with a pod of these beautiful creatures, but as she began to swim towards them, one surprisingly moved towards her.

The whale was gentle in pushing the marine biologist, directing her away from the pod with his throat grooves and ear.

When Hauser didn’t move, nevertheless, he began pushing her with his scalloped fin.

He was pushing her away from something Hauser didn’t see.

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It was the first time Nan Hauser, in all her 28 years of experience, had encountered an event of this sort.

As she tried to swim away from the humpback, however, he just kept pushing. Hauser’s heart began beating harder and harder. She knew the dangers of an aggressive whale.

While these mammals were gentle by nature, a strike by his tail could lead to her death.

Eventually, the whale flexed his pectoral fin and pushed Hauser out of the water.

When she got out of the water, she realized what had actually happened.

The whale wasn’t trying to hurt her; rather, he had saved her life.

The whale had saved Hauser from a tiger shark lurking in the waters a few feet away.

It was truly a miracle.

The video will remind you how phenomenal nature is. Watch the miracle happen.

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