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We all joke about airline and hospital food right – is that stuff even real food?

Check out the photo of the vegetables that were part of an Australian airline meal.

The food was served to passengers on a Qantas flight, and as you can see, the image bears a striking resemblance, to, um, you know a certain part of the male anatomy!

When the passenger asked the flight attendant what exactly she was being served, the attendant said it was a root vegetable.

The passenger took the picture because it wasn’t something she could pass up.

The mystery vegetable is reportedly a Japanese Eggplant.

The passenger who took the picture of her (pornographic) meal decided to pass on the eggplant this time.

Take a look at this meal!

x-rated veggie
Image Credit: Facebook

The rest of her meal was quite delicious, however.

After seeing this, you may think twice about eating that next in-flight meal!

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