War veteran George Carroll basement bones

There are plenty of dark jokes on the internet about murdering the people you don’t like and burying their remains in the basement, but people usually don’t mean anything by that when they say it.

Rather, it is often meant as a form of a morbid joke, often in the context of supporting your friends by taking out those who had upset them.

In the case of this family, however, it turns out that there really was a body buried in the basement.


Growing up, Suffolk County native 57-year old Mike Carroll and his brother, 61-year old Steven Carroll had always wondered what had happened to their father, Korean War veteran George Carroll.

The family patriarch had vanished suddenly overnight when Mike Carroll was just only 8-months old, leaving his mother Dorothy Carroll to raise the children on her own in their Lake Grove home.


The story seemed to differ, based on which sibling you asked.

Mike Carroll himself was told that in 1961, his father had gone out for cigarettes one night and had simply never returned home.

This, however, was a story that never sat well with Carroll, especially when you take into account that his father’s wallet was still at home that night.


Over the next few decades, Carroll and his brother tried every trick in the book to figure out exactly where his father could have gone.

It proved to be an arduous task – Steven Carroll noted that their mother had said very little about that fateful night, up till her death in 1998.

There wasn’t any record to indicate that anyone had been looking for him either – no missing persons report filed by the family, and no record of police involvement with George Carroll, according to a spokesperson for Suffolk County police.

All in all, it was an absolute mystery, one the siblings tried to uncover over the decades.


As it turns out, it was a psychic that correctly identified the location of George Carroll’s final resting place – in the basement of their childhood home, which was still being constructed around the time of the family patriarch’s disappearance.

In a bid to solve a decades-old mystery, Mike Carroll’s adult sons had cracked open the basement floor to do excavation work, where they found a body that was later successfully identified by the forensics department as that of George Carroll.


The psychic had even gotten the possible cause of death correct as well – Mike Carroll was informed by the psychic that George Carroll had suffered blunt force trauma, before he was buried alive.

At least one part of that statement has been confirmed, leading even more credence to the psychic’s skills- investigators have noted that the skull of the corpse had been cracked open by some sort of blunt force.

In a way, the discovery of George Carroll’s body has only served to deepen the mystery.

What was simply a missing persons’ case is now a possible homicide.

For the Carroll brothers, however, the discovery of their father’s body is enough.

They hope to put him finally to proper rest with a military funeral soon.

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