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Walmart Shopper Grabs Handle Feels Something Odd, Horrified When She Sees What Was Added To Cart

You have to be so careful when you go out in public these days, shootings and violence are becoming more prevalent. In Missouri, a woman was poked (and cut) by something as she wiped down the shopping cart at her local Walmart with hand sanitizer. When she looked, she saw a razor blade sticking out of the underside of the plastic cart handle!

Patterson went to the doctor and had some blood drawn, she will have it checked and go back again in six months. Her injury could have been worse had she grabbed the cart with her whole hand. Imagine if a young child had gotten cut. Another customer, at the same Walmart, found another razor blade one week after Patterson was injured.

Take a look at this video

Lesson learned here, check the shopping cart for hidden blades. Please spread the word about this hidden danger.