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Mom Who Thought Video Of Toddler Will Go Viral, Hits The Record Button To Start Recording

We all have an opinion. It is natural to want to express your views and make yourself heard. Some of us are experts at getting our voice heard. The little boy in this video knows that his mom’s first name is Linda. So, while he is arguing his case as to why he should be allowed to have a cupcake, he uses her first name instead of calling her mom.

Maybe he thought calling her Linda would give his side of the argument more weight! He even calls her “honey”! I wonder if he hears his dad call her honey at home! How cute! The passionate little boy uses arm gestures and facial expressions to argue his side.

Take a look at this video

Mom’s side of the story is clear – he and his brother didn’t listen. I think this kid has a future on the debate team!

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