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Vet Wanted To Euthanize This Special Kitten. Now He Won’t Stop Purring In Woman’s Pocket

This tiny fellow is Roger. Roger was very small when he came to Kern County Animal Services. His head was enlarged, and he had an eye infection. Dr. Arnold was able to treat all his ailments and get him ready for adoption.

An enlarged head is not something to take lightly – it is a serious condition called hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus is a neurological disease that is also called ‘water on the brain,’ according to There is a buildup of fluid (spinal fluid) inside the skull – and it can happen in humans too.

Most commonly, hydrocephalus in young cats is caused by a blockage from a congenital defect that prevents the spinal fluid from draining out properly. Some viruses, tumors, parasites or bacterial and fungal infections can also cause the disorder.