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Vet Comes Across Injured Deer Hit By Car And Immediately Stops To Save Her Life

Simon Cowell – not the rude guy from the talent shows – a different one – is the founder and CEO of Wildlife Aid. In this video, Simon is on his way to rescue a deer that had been hit by a car. Wildlife Aid, located in Surrey, England, treats and rehabilitates wildlife for free. Their goal is to return the animals back to their natural environment.

If the animals are unable to return to the wild and survive, they will be cared for by the group. Cowell started Wildlife Aid in the 1980s and actively rescued animals and raises funds for his group. As soon as Cowell reaches the deer, he realizes she is in trouble. He is brought to tears.

Take a look at this video

The doe was willing to fight for her life, and Cowell did everything in his power to help her with her fight.

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