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Ventriloquist Gets Annoyed, But Keep Your Eyes On Dummy After He Storms Off Stage

We all have our limits. Some people will lose their cool quickly, while others have a little more patience – but eventually, we all will lose it if pushed far enough. In this video, Paul Zerdin, 44, got on stage to audition for the show, America’s Got Talent. Zerdin is a professional performer who does ventriloquism with his sidekick, Sam.

Things had been going along rather, and Zerdin had made it to the Quarter-finals – that is when things got a little off course. Now, before you think that this is just another man making a dummy talk – think again! Zerdin is not only an amazing ventriloquist, but he also has a killer sense of humor! After arguing with Sam, Zerdin storms off the stage!

You can imagine that the act will certainly fail without the ventriloquist – right?

Sam finishes the act without missing a heartbeat! Share away, people!