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Picture Goes Viral After Mom Realized Her 2-Year-Old Was In Danger. Look Closer. (Photo)

The best thing to do if you see a venomous snake is to remain calm and still. That is exactly what Bianca Dickinson did when she saw a venomous snake slither past her two-year-old daughter’s leg. Bianca lives in Victoria, Australia with her family. She was taking pictures of her two-year-old daughter, Molly when she realized that the piece of bark she saw wasn’t a piece of bark – it was an eastern brown snake!

Look at the photo – can you see the snake? See how close it was to Molly? WOW! Happily, Molly had no idea the snake was there – or how dangerous it was! Bianca was a wreck after the incident! She has decided to not take any more pictures outside for a while! It is very likely that if Molly had been bitten, she wouldn’t have made it.

Take a look at this image

girl and snake

Image Credit: Bianca Dickinson

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