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United Airlines Forcefully Removes Man From Plane After Nobody Volunteered To Leave Overbooked Flight

United Airlines finds itself in hot water once again after the company decided to forcefully remove a doctor from a overbooked United Airlines Flight originating from Chicago and landing in Louisville – with the help of airport security.  Several airport police officers dragged the man out of his seat, and has clearly distressed him. As if that wasn’t enough, they proceeded to use brutality on him for a second time.

It started with an innocent announcement: the flight was overbooked, and 4 seats needed to be given up to accommodate staff from United. A reward offer stood at $400 and a hotel stay, then rose up to $800, but no one volunteered. So United chose the passengers themselves, and set eyes on this Asian doctor and his wife. What was worse was that the innocent doctor was due for work at a hospital in Louisville later that day!

Check out this video below.

United Airlines could possibly be one of the worst airlines, ever.

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