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People Are Furious At This Airline After Woman’s Heartbreaking Picture Goes Viral

Can you say OOPS? Have you seen this picture? Is this how all the airlines treat our furry friends – or is this just how United Airlines does it? Barbara Gallently was the one who noticed the dog carrier sitting on the tarmac in cold, wet weather.

The crate sat there for more than 30 minutes. She tweeted the picture, and once pop star Sia saw it, things went wild on the world wide web. United Airlines had no choice but to respond.

They actually thanked Barbara for pointing this out. They actually blamed the change in the weather for the mishap. So, what that means is it is okay for a pet to sit on the loud and busy tarmac – as long as the weather is good?

crate under rain

Image Credit: Twitter / @united

Come on! Good or bad weather, this is NOT how to treat a family pet. Shame on you United Airlines.