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See The UFO Video That Has People Around The World Freaking Out About Aliens

Are aliens real? This controversial question has divided plenty of people, and as much as either side argues, few can change the other’s mind! It was a late evening in Yakutia, Russia, when someone captured footage of a strange unidentified flying object hovering in the sky. It seemed to appear out of nowhere and merely stayed put, completely covered in bright lights.

But then, something else happened. A diamond-shaped opening appeared in the sky above this first UFO and pulled it into that opening. The window closed, and then they were gone without a trace. No one has claimed ownership of the video, thought it was uploaded to YouTube by a user named Semyon.

Take a look at this video

Some believe this is a clever hoax done with the help of LED lights, while others are convinced that this is the first definitive proof that aliens exist. Which side are you on? Let us know and share away, people!