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Mom Finds Son Hiding In The Fridge To Sneak Food, Then Realizes He’s Got Company

Sometimes the munchies hit and you need a snack! Adults can easily find food to eat – but what if you are a little kid? You can ask mom, but she may say that a snack will ruin your dinner. The little boy in this video decided to help himself to some fried chicken that was in the family’s refrigerator!

The boy’s mom happened to catch him sneaking a snack and was able to catch him in the act with her phone camera! But, the little boy wasn’t the only culprit that was enjoying a snack. The boy and the family dog were both munching away! Haha! How cute! Neither the boy or the dog seemed to realize that mom was watching!

Watch the two ‘thieves’ in action!

Sometimes as a parent, you have to laugh at your children before you can discipline them! Share away, people!