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Two Starving Lions Were Found Severely Abused In Abandoned Russian Hotel

This is sad, just look at that lion. No lion should be treated this way – ever – but the men carrying the lion were actually helping the poor creature. Two starving lions were found in tiny cages in an abandoned Russian hotel. The lions were an attraction that was supposed to attract tourists.

When the hotel owner, Kirill Babenko, fled the country to go to India for a few weeks, he failed to make sure the animals were cared for. Babenko had reportedly fled Russia to avoid prosecution. According to Mail Online, the lions were severely mistreated and beaten. The lion’s coats were in bad shape, and the were covered in scars.

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Both lions are only 18 months old (one male and one female) and are fighting for their lives. No one is sure if the lions will be able to overcome this terrible incident. If they do, it will take several months to recover fully.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]