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Two Skaters Stand In Formation, ‘Sound Of Silence’ Plays & Sends Chills Down Audience’s Spines

Figure skating is akin to a dance on ice, yet requires skill, coordination, and athleticism in order to be smoothly executed. But just like dance, a good performance not only impresses the audience, but touches their hearts.

French ice skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres know the secret to an emotionally heart-wrenching and touching performance. When they competed in the ISU World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, they skated to a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed, which added a haunting note to the classic song.

Image Credit: YouTube

From the moment the first notes of the song began to play, it was easy to see that the audience was enraptured. The melancholy melody was perhaps a unique choice for such a performance, but it worked incredibly well. The pair moved beautifully and gracefully to every note, punctuating the sadness of the music with their movements.

The routine choreographed had no shortage of incredibly tricks. From performing spins individually in perfect synchronization, to showing off physics-defying acts. At one point, Morgan lifts Vanessa into the air with one hand alone, and at another, the two swirl through the ice dangerously close to the ground.

Image Credit: YouTube

With all the fancy tricks, skillful spins, and beautiful harmony of these skaters, it’s no surprise that the crowd gave them a standing ovation as soon as the routine ended. They’re incredible, and it’s impossible to pick out any flaws in their routine. Check out the video and be mesmerized!

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