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Two Lovebirds With Fatal Disease Fall In Love And Find Comfort In One Another (Video)

This is a love story between two birds. It is a tragic love story however because both birds both have a fatal disease called Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). Lemon and Indi are lovebirds that are the best of friends, they care for each other and provide comfort.

PBFD is a fatal, contagious virus that affects a bird’s immune system, much like HIV does to humans.

Indi has the disease but appears healthy. Lemon has lost all of her feathers and needs a bird heater 24 hours a day to keep warm.

Both birds live with Fabiana and Guillermo in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lemon has been with the family since she was five weeks old, at the time, Indi was six months old.