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Two-Legged Kitten Rescued From A Yard Stuns His Rescuers With What He Can Do

Humans have two legs, and we can do some amazing things. Many animals don’t have two legs – they have four. They too can do amazing things. But, how can a kitten with two legs manage? You would think that only having two front legs would be a huge disadvantage for a cat – right? Wrong!

You haven’t met Rocket! Rocket was born with just his front legs. He doesn’t even know he is different.

Rocket may only be a few weeks old – but he is already adjusted to life on two legs. In Germany, Mareen saw Rocket when she was feeding stray cats in a nearby yard.

At first, Rocket was shy (and very fast!). Mareen returned every day with food and eventually, she was able to pick Rocket up and bring him in.

Rocket has no trouble getting around, he balances on his front legs and uses his tail as leverage!