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When Dad Sees Mess On The Floor Two Huskies Start Arguing About Who Did It!

Watching two people fight can sometimes just be horrible. I have never witnessed an all out drag down fight and am glad that I haven’t. I have seen plenty of verbal disagreements, however. When you disagree with someone, sometimes arguments happen. They can even happen if the two parties involved are dogs. Dogs and cats have arguments too!

Just like children, fighting over the last piece of cake or who gets to sit in the comfy chair. Dogs fight over bones, toys, and who gets to sit on human mom’s lap. Check out Dakota and Phoenix. The two Huskies have torn up a letter (see evidence scattered on floor). When their dad finds the mess, he simply asks them who is responsible.

Take a look at this video

You can imagine no one is willing to admit to it! We may never get the truth out of these two! Share away, people!