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Two Cowards Who ‘Surfed’ On A Turtle Holding Beer Cans At The Beach Are In Big Trouble.

Check out the two morons in this photo. This less than smart fellows were surfing on Australia’s Fraser Island when they spotted a turtle. They figured it would be cool if they pretended to surf on the turtle. So they snapped some photos. They even posted a caption that said that they had surfed a tortoise. Uncool.

The two are now being investigated by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. If the investigation reveals that they interfered with a natural resource they could face a fine of $19,965! Can you imagine?! Okay, class, the lesson we have all learned today is that it is NOT cool to stand on a tortoise for a picture.

Take a look at this image

Finally, if you do, you could be in debt up to your eyeballs! Don’t be like these morons – leave wild animals alone (and you may just save yourself from humiliation). Share away, people.