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Newborn Twins Are One Hour Old, Then Dad Catches Them Talking On Camera

Anyone who has children will tell you that they make noise! Often times it is a joyful noise. The laughter and talking and tiny footstep tromping through your house make your heart happy. But usually, those happy noises take a few years to develop. Babies don’t make that much noise (unless it is 2 am, and they are hungry!).

The babies in this video are getting started early – they are only one hour old and already have an amazing connection. The twin girls are the daughters of Mike Lansky. He was able to catch this precious moment and was willing to share! Mike is in for a lot of fun! Raising two twin girls will be full of happiness and joy. And talking, and boys, and makeup, and party dresses!

Take a look at this video!

I am exhausted already! You don’t become a parent because you want an easy life. You just want one full of love and happiness. Share away, people!