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Bored Twin Watches Sister Playing The Piano. Then Joins Her & Classic Tune Starts To Change

The beauty of jazz music isn’t just in its nuanced melodies, complex rhythms, and distinctive voice – it’s also in the creativity of its improvisation. Being able to come up with idiosyncratic, unique lines of melody in perfect harmony with a fellow musician is a true art in itself.

Image Credit: YouTube

Angelina and Ashley Leyva are twins and budding actors who have begun to make their names in the showbiz world. It’s often said that twins share a special connection to each other that gives them an almost telepathic link.

So imagine what these abilities could do if put into practice over a good jazzy number?

Image Credit: YouTube

These two are about to show us! They stroll into a piano shop and decide that it’s the perfect time to test out pianos while putting on their own mini impromptu show. One twin picks out a bright red piano that stands out from the crowd and begins to play on it. The other sister joins her, which prompts the first to rush to a separate piano so that the two can play a perfectly synced duet! Check out these two putting on their impromptu boogie woogie concert and be wowed by their talent!

It’s amazing how easily the two play, sometimes barely even looking at the keys and other times making silly faces at each other, yet effortlessly churning out a delightfully soulful tune all the same. As the act reaches its climax, the two join up on one piano once more and skillfully tinker out their final harmonies over the span of several octaves, ending on one final, dulcet note. Share away, people!