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You Are Challenged To Watch This Video And Make It Through Without Laughing!

Here is your challenge for the day. All you have to do is watch the funny kids video below and not grin or smile – at all. Not even one little flicker of a smile can appear on your face. If it does, you fail. I held out for about thirty seconds! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! OMG! Sometimes the music just makes the video that much more funny.

You gotta love kids, they are so brave, courageous and fun! Go ahead, it is your turn now. The video is over 15 minutes long. You will not be able to watch with a straight face and may need a tissue to wipe away the tears as you laugh along with the parents of these children.

Take a look at this video

Save this video to watch when you have a bad day, it will certainly help brighten those dark days! Share away, people!