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Sometimes True Love Comes Right After The Mistake Of Your Life

Heartbreak is a very difficult thing to go through.

It can be absolute torture on your emotions, and the raw feelings that come from such a devastating shock can actually manifest in physical pain.

Often, heartbreak hurts so much because of all your hopes have been shattered.

You’ve invested our energy, expectations, time, dreams, and heart into a relationship with someone, only to have it all broken apart, as if it was all for nothing.

Many people begin to feel regret while going through this disappointed and upsetting time.

But trying to berate yourself over past decisions won’t do anything productive for you.

Even worse, it just wastes more of your life as you wallow in negative energy.


You may blame yourself for not noticing red lights blaring.

You may blame yourself for potentially causing the heartbreak, even though chances are the end to your relationship wasn’t one person’s fault exclusively, so much as the wrong situation and overall incompatibility.

You gave your best in the situation.

You did as well as you could.

The other person may not have been as invested, or they may not have appreciated it, or it just may have not been the same for them.

This means that, although the breakup caused you heartbreak, it was for the best, as you were in a one-sided relationship or arrangement that would have only hurt you more in the future.

More importantly, you shouldn’t give up on the idea of true love.

It still exists, and it’s something you can still achieve in your future.

But for now, your focus should be on healing yourself.

Let yourself have fun.

Discover new things.

Spend time with friends.

Arrange your goals and priorities, and find things that make you happy.

This will allow you to move on from the pain and leave it in the past.


Did you know that many people find the person that they are truly meant to be with after going through pain?

Your true love may arrive when you’re learning to pick yourself up again from the pain.

They may come sooner than expected, or later than expected – but the fact is that they will stick around, or wait, or simply be available when the time is right.

The right person for you will love you unconditionally.

They will be patient.

They will be understanding – or seek to understand.

They will treasure you, love you, and do what they can to make you feel happy.

They will love you as you are, and it will feel like fate, like destiny.

They will think of you before they act, and they will make sure to consider you important in your life and set time aside for you.

The right person will support you.

They will cheer you on.

They will listen, help, and raise you up.

They would never judge you or hurt you.

Most importantly, they will match your effort, and they will do as much for you as you do for them.

Do not beat yourself up for your past mistakes.

Don’t wallow in your heartbreak.

Remember, the best is waiting for you ahead.