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Trucker Spots Horrific Crash And Goes Running, But His Dash Cam Caught A Miracle

Being a professional truck driver has got to be an interesting job. You spend most of your life on the road. You drive from place to place and get to see so many different towns and cities. Truck drivers probably see a lot of bad drivers and a lot of accidents. I have a long commute to my job and have seen some pretty horrifying crashes over the years.

David Fredericksen is a professional truck driver that was traveling on a Biloxi, Mississippi interstate when he saw a car going the wrong way! I have heard about people going the wrong way on the interstate, but I am glad I haven’t been on the road when they did it! Just a few seconds after David noticed the car, it burst into flames!

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David pulled over and jumped out of his truck, as he rushed to the scene with a fire extinguisher in hand, he said a quick prayer for the people inside. David had thought there were two people in the car, and when he got closer, he saw that he was right. There was an elderly woman and a two-year-old child inside!

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David thought they were both dead, but then a something caught his eye! A head popped up in the back window! David worked his way into the car despite the heat and the flames. He managed to get in the car and grab the little girl. Watch the video!

The dash cam from David’s truck caught the whole thing! Share away, people.