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Troublemaking Dog Gets Shamed By His Owner — Watch How He Tries To Apologize

Saying the words “I’m sorry” may not always be easy. But, it is the nice thing to do. The dog in this video is being “yelled” at for something he did during mealtime. His owner, a Portuguese man, is trying to discipline one of the three rescue dogs for being impatient. But, as you can see the minute the man starts – the dog is so sorry.

It is a funny and pitiful display! The dog tries several things to win back the man’s favor. The kiss and the paw on the shoulder are his first passes at an apology. When that doesn’t work, with tail wagging, he puts his head up against the wall and tries to look innocent. The woman with the camera (and the man) can’t resist!

Take a look at this video!

The poor pup is sorry and – well, my bet is he will do it again! He got a lot of attention this time!

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