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Trooper Calls Same Number Every Day. 37 Years Later He Hears Someone Over Radio And Loses It

Mark Gilberg has served as a trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety since the March of 1981. 37 years later, it was time for him to retire. As his final shift came on to an end that Thursday, Gilberg picked up his communication device to call into dispatch one last time.

But Gilberg wasn’t just signing off like he did every day. He was signing off for the final time. In a tear-jerking speech that was short but touching, he said goodbye to the department that had been his life for the past four decades. As he began to say his farewells and thank yous into the radio, choked up with tears in his eyes before he even began, even the dispatcher couldn’t stop herself from crying.

Image Credit: YouTube

Gilberg’s daughter, who was filming her father as he spoke, waited outside of his car for him to welcome him into a new chapter of his life, and it’s thanks to her that this video, which went viral the moment it was posted, has been touching hearts around the world.

Image Credit: YouTube

After patrolling highways and keeping commuters safe with his services, we hope that Gilberg has a lovely, relaxing retirement ahead of him. His hard work won’t be forgotten anytime soon! Watch his brief yet passionate speech, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself bawling your eyes out!

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