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After 5-Year-Old Sickened, Police Investigating Claim Of Possible Drug-Laced Candy

Halloween is supposed to be a time for fun. Kids go out in cool costumes and fill their buckets with candy.

Then, they – and their parents sneaking in a bite now and then – enjoy the yummy sweets and snacks from their hauls!

Unfortunately, some people can be extremely cruel and mean to children.

They’ll go to dangerous lengths to do harm to these innocent youngsters – and that’s what happened to Braylen Carwell, a young boy just five years old who hails from Ohio.

Julia Pence, Braylen’s mother, thought everything was fine one Sunday afternoon.

Braylen had just finished trick or treating for a special Trick or Treat event organized by the local police department, the Galion PD, and enjoying some of his candy.

But all of a sudden, he dropped to the ground and began to behave very strangely. He seemed unaware of his surroundings or actions, his left arm was immobile, and the left part of his face started dropping.

Terrified, his mother and father called for emergency help. It turns out that Braylen was experiencing a seizure.

He was rushed to the hospital, and after several tests, he was found to have methamphetamines in his system.

At the time, Braylen had only eaten two or three pieces of candy and put on some fake vampire teeth for a short while.

Police hurried to Braylen’s home and collected his candy and the toy teeth, sending them to the crime lab in the Mansfield Police Department.

Thankfully, Braylen has been recovering well, though he still needs time to heal.

He bounces between being very hyper and completely exhausted within minutes, according to Pence, who has been watching her son closely.

Although she was frightened by what happened, Pence is just happy that he is alright and says she counts her blessings. She is glad to have been able to bring her boy home alive.

Meanwhile, Brian Saterfield, the Galion Police Chief, states that they are still investigating the candy and the toy teeth, which could potentially be tainted.

They have yet to find anything specific and are working on narrowing down their investigations.

As of right now, there are no additional instances of this variety, much to everyone’s relief.

The police department also decided to talk about the dangers that could erupt from trick-or-treating activities on their Facebook page.

They explained that he had been trick-or-treating in the areas of Tidd, Arlington, and Highland.

They asked for parents and guardians to carefully check any candy their kids received as well as other non-edibles, such as jewelry, teeth, stationery, and similar items.

The department asked anyone who thought they found something tampered with to contact them with information immediately.

For now, Braylen is at home recuperating. After this scare, it looks like he will make a full recovery.

Although Halloween is already over, parents and guardians should be sure that any items their children receive from strangers are thoroughly checked before use.

Kids should also be taught not to take random goodies from people they do not know, especially when it isn’t Halloween.