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This Picky Dog Won’t Eat Her Dry Food, So Dad Came Up With A Solution…

Do you have a picky dog who refuses to eat? I had a picky dog once. At the time, I only had two dogs. The picky one would not eat her food until the other dog was done. Then she would sit next to her bowl for hours and eat it slowly.

That problem was solved when I got a third dog – no one wasted any time sitting around – everyone inhaled their food so they could get back to playing! Luna, the dog in this video, is a picky eater. Her owner had to be a little more creative than I was to solve this problem. Each meal, he pretends to cook her food in the oven.

Watch as she patiently waits for her food to ‘cook’ before she chows down!

Luna is no dummy, she knows yummy things come out of the oven! Share away, people!