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Transgender Woman Spends Over $50,000 In Surgery To Look Like A Dragon

Many undergo cosmetic surgeries that help them feel happier and more comfortable in their own bodies. Eva Tiamat Medusa is one of them. She claims that she is the most modified transgender individual worldwide – and based on what we see, we believe it!

Not only does Medusa identify as a trans woman, but also as someone who is trans-species. She feels that is part human and part reptilian, and she’s spent more than $50,000 in order to resemble a dragon as much as possible.

This is due in part to a born-again experience that she claims to have had where a western diamondback rattlesnake adopted her after she was abandoned by her parents at the age of five. Medusa once held a career as the vice president of a banking institution, but eventually decided to leave in order to chase her dreams of becoming as dragon-like as could be.

She has had scales tattooed all over her body, has had spikes placed on her forehead, and has dyed her eye whites green. She has also had her tongue forked, removed her ears, and moved her nose and nostrils – all so she can look more reptilian.

Medusa considers this transformation that she has undergone to be the absolutely greatest journey she’s had in her life. She has her own reasons and meanings for going through with these alterations.

One of these reasons is the hatred she saw emanating from humans, which, while they have their kindnesses and goodness, are also destructive. As far as she’s concerned, she just does not want to die looking like a human.

She hopes that others who know of her story will be more inspired to follow their own dreams, no matter how far fetched they may seem. Whether you agree or disagree with Medusa’s actions, she is certainly happy in her appearance and life, and really, that’s all that matters!