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Weeks After His Tragic Death, ‘America’s Got Talent’ Decides To Air Doctor’s Stunning Audition

Brandon Rogers auditioned for America’s Got Talent and won the hearts of the judges and the audience, but tragically, Rogers was killed just a few weeks later (June 11, 2017) in a car accident. He was just twenty-nine. The episode with Rogers hadn’t aired yet, and after word of his death, the network wasn’t sure if they would ever show his audition.

Brandon’s family said they couldn’t think of a better tribute to his life than for the show to air. Brandon, a doctor, was inspired by an early tragedy to become a physician and was quoted saying that he wanted to find a way to combine music and medicine to make healing a more pleasant experience.

Take a look at this video

Simon told Brandon that his voice was stunning – and we all know that Simon doesn’t say that unless it is true. Brandon’s life ended too soon, it would have been nice to see how he lived his dream.

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