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Baby Shark Teaches Cruel Tourist A Lesson When She Grabs It Out For A Selfie

Some people have no idea what they are doing? Most people have enough common sense not to try and pull a baby shark out of the water by its tail. Come on people! Leave wild animals alone! GEEZ! The woman you see here was on vacation with her husband on the Brazilian Island of Fernando de Noronha.

She is from Brazil and saw the baby lemon shark on the beach. She decided to pull it out of the water so she could get a photo. Within seconds, the baby shark latched onto her finger. They had to pry the jaws open to get the shark off! The not-so-smart woman had to get four stitches.

Take a look at this video

Let us hope she learned her lesson and will leave sharks alone – as you can see, sharks are dangerous. But most of us probably already knew that. Share away, people.