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Tough Math Teacher Who Was Leading A Secret Life Gets Exposed Leaving Students Shocked

Raise your hand if you like math! I will let you know; my hand is not up! I had some great math teachers in school – I can even remember their names. I just am not a big fan of math, but thanks to those teachers, I can at least do the math! Watch the video below to learn a lesson in love from a math teacher.

Jim O’Connor has a dual life. He teaches calculus by day, and when he is not teaching, he is doing something his students couldn’t believe. Teachers can’t always be your friends. But they do have lives outside of school that may surprise you! Watch the video to see what this “tough guy” teacher does in his spare time.

Take a look at this video

Didn’t it will melt your heart? You wouldn’t have believed us if we just told you so I’m glad you watched this video for yourself!

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