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Tough Cop Who Sees Tiny Mouse Running Toward Him Freaks Out And Runs For His Life

Everyone has fears. The fear of heights, the fear of speaking in public, and the fear of flying are just some that one might face. But many people experience phobias of small but creepy things, like spiders or insects; and this is really quite funny, as these small creatures are usually harmless and have more reason to be frightened of us! Even big police officers are not exempt from having funny – but valid – phobias.

While walking down a hallway, a police officer from Saint Petersburg, Florida was minding his own business but was stopped short when he was confronted by his biggest fear yet: a tiny little mouse. The rodent is scurrying down the hall towards him. Oh no! In response, the officer leaps into the air and hurriedly pushes himself against the other side of the hallway, then he runs as quickly as he can past the mouse and to safety.

Take a look at this video

Meanwhile, the little rodent carries on with his day, undisturbed. It’s a hilarious but real reminder that it’s okay to be scared sometimes!

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