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Tortoise Left On Wheels, After Over-Extending His Legs During Sex

Within the animal kingdom, you would not have guessed that mishaps would happen during mating, especially amongst reptiles. Nor you would have predicted that human movement aids would be used to facilitate an animal’s recovery from a particular incident.

Meet Bert, a 22-year-old African spurred tortoise who developed arthritis in his hind legs after over-extending himself during a two-month breeding program with five other females. He currently weighs approximately 100 kg / 220 pounds. The reptile is a resident of the Secret Animal Garden enclosure located in England’s Dinosaur Adventure Park.

Wheels were attached beneath his posterior end, easing Bert’s movements particularly in the winter as the numbing cold worsens the pain of his swollen legs. Bert is considered young for his age, as arthritis only affect tortoises above the age of 30.

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Bert is noted by his carers as one of the heaviest and oldest tortoises to be supported by a pair of wheels to date.

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