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Tortoise Who’s Unable To Catch The Ball Opens His Mouth To Activate Turbo Speed!

If you have a dog, you have probably played fetch once or twice (or maybe a million times or more)! You can even get your cat to chase after a ball or a tiny red laser dot (but don’t expect a cat to bring anything you throw back to you)! I don’t know of many other animals that like to chase a ball.

Except for the turtle in this video! OMG! I have never seen a turtle move that fast or play with a ball! He hits the purple ball with his mouth and then chases after it! Wait until the end, the ball rolls under a piece of furniture, and the turtle loses interest. It is hard to tell exactly what his motives are in the video!

Watch what happens next!

Well, it is possible that the turtle hates the ball and just wants to bite it out of frustration!

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