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Man Locks Family In Basement During Tornado, Then Sees Storm Lifting His SUV Off The Ground

Okay, here comes a question that really shouldn’t be that hard to answer. If there was a contest between an SUV and a tornado – which do you think would win?! If you are stumped, prepare to have the answer provided to you in the form of a video! In Hamburg, New York, the National Weather Service had just issued a tornado warning and Kevin Karas and his family were in the house.

If you have ever seen or been in a tornado, you know that they are powerful and terrifying! Kevin shared his experience on Storyful because he filmed the aftermath of the tornado that ravaged his neighborhood! When Kevin looked outside, he could see that the tornado was about 10 houses away and coming fast! He can tell the tornado is heading his way when the trash cans at his neighbor’s house flew up into the air!

Kevin and his family headed for the basement and took cover! After waiting a long time, the family emerged and went outside to see what damage had been done. There was trash everywhere, and the car in Kevin’s driveway had moved! Well, moved is really an understatement!

Take a look at this video!

It was lifted up in the air and rotated about 90 degrees! It was as if the vehicle did a little bunny hop! Kevin looked at the footage from his home security system and saw the action unfold! So, the answer to the question is that the wind is much more powerful than an SUV – don’t mess with Mother Nature! Share away, people!