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Teacher Warns Of ‘Corroded’ Tongue From Downing 6 Energy Drinks A Day

Countless news stories over the past few years have successfully changed the public’s opinion about energy drinks.

A vast majority of people understand that these sugary drinks aren’t healthy at all.

The chemicals produce a hyper-active cardiovascular response that can be detrimental to anyone’s health.

One man has come forth to show the negative effects of energy drinks in real life.

He is actively warning others about the dangers of these drinks.

He recently shared a picture of his tongue after it had been nearly ‘eaten away’ by the chemicals in energy drinks.

Dan Royals, a primary school teacher, recently took to Facebook to share his horrifying photos.

His doctor told Royals that his tongue’s deterioration was likely due to the dangerous chemicals present in energy drinks.

In his social media post, Royals describes the impact that these addictive drinks had on his tongue.

It’s up to our imagination to determine how these drinks impact our internal organs.

Royals had a bad habit of drinking five or six energy drinks per day.

His primary motivation was the energy provided by the drinks.

He had a difficult time keeping up with his students all day.

Although he would brush his teeth on a daily basis, the chemicals still negatively impacted the health of his tongue.

The proactive teacher warned his followers on Facebook to stay away from these energy drinks.

Despite his oral hygiene, the energy drinks still eat away at his tongue.

The visual impact is quite disturbing.

Royals is hoping these images will encourage others to make more healthy decisions.

Several studies have looked into the addictive quality of energy drinks.

Although there is no addictive substance, the kick of energy becomes psychologically addicting.

Once a person crashes, they are in immediate need of another boost.

It’s important to note that energy drinks don’t only negatively impact the tongue.

There’s a story of a man who experienced tooth decay from all of the energy drinks he consumed.

He was drinking around six cans of Monster each day.

He even experienced trouble eating because his teeth were so sensitive from the decaying process.