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Tom Hanks Forced To Ad-lib During Performance To Distract Audience From A Medical Emergency

When a member of the audience fell ill and had a medical emergency during a performance of the play Henry IV, the crowd began to leave and become uncomfortable.

But that’s when a very famous actor who many of us know and love arrived to save the day!

Tom Hanks was part of this play, performed by the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, at the Veterans Affairs’ campus in LA.

He was playing Sir John Falstaff, a comical, lazy knight who is vain and loves to boast when the medical situation occurred.

To keep the crowd entertained, the esteemed Oscar-winning actor dashed back onto the stage to improvise an act that would keep audience members in their seats!

Hanks, who is 61 years old, dashed in as the crowd began to stand up and go, staying perfectly in character and demanding they stay in their seats in a hilarious improvised performance.

He focused on trying to calm the audience and have them remain entertained and engaged, saying witty line after witty line on the spot.

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These actions allowed the crowd to stay focused on the stage and distracted from the emergency, giving the medical crew, comprising of military veterans, the time and space to aid the person in need as they waited for paramedics.

Hanks stayed perfectly in character the whole time, humoring the audience and reminding us of his acting talent.

He successfully kept the mood light and told loads of funny jokes!

The audience member was eventually taken by paramedics to the hospital, where they regained consciousness and recovered fine.

The show, meanwhile, went on, and Hanks’ impromptu performance was really quite a class act!

Check it out in this video.

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