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Cop Gives Little Boy A Parking Ticket For Parking His Bike Beside Other Motorcycles

Getting a traffic ticket is just awful. It can also be rather embarrassing to get pulled over. People gawk at you as they drive by wondering what you got in trouble for. Most people don’t have to experience the horror of getting a traffic ticket until they are old enough to drive. But in Halifax, Declan got his first ticket when he was three-years-old!

Declan Tramley parked his bike with the other motorcycles on the waterfront. Wouldn’t you know it, Constable Shawn Currie just happened to walk by and see the plastic bike was in violation of the law! Of course, Declan didn’t really get a ticket, the Constable was just having fun – but the photo of Declan’s expression as the ticket was being written up was priceless!

Take a look at this video!

The Halifax Police Department posted the photo, and it has gone viral! We hear that Declan even tries to sleep with his ticket! Share away, people!