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Toddler Became Trapped Under Dresser’s Heavy Weight, But Mom Couldn’t Hear Him Crying

Brock and Bowdy are two-year-old twins. They are boys – and boys will be boys. The two were playing in a dresser when it tipped over, and Bowdy got stuck under it. Now, if you know any two-year-olds, you would know they are like little sponges. They learn so fast! They can figure things out too!

It didn’t take little Brock too long to realize he couldn’t lift the dresser – so, what did he do? He pushed it! Brock pushed it enough so Bowdy could get out! The boy’s mom, Kayli, said both boys are fine. Ricky, the dad, was so proud that he posted the video on Facebook.

Take a look at this video

Please be sure not to leave your young children unattended in a room with heavy furniture that can tip over. Falling furniture can be disastrous. Consider anchoring furniture to the walls – just in case. Share away, people.