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Toddler Gets FedExed 500 Miles Across The Country Because Of No Flights During Snowstorm

Parents will do just about anything to help their children. Nick and Jesse Faris adopted two children, one daughter named Rhet from Ethiopia and Brooklyn was from China. Last winter, the Nick, and Jesse were in desperate need to get their daughter, Brooklyn, to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

toddler fedexed

Image Credit: FaithIt

There were two obstacles in their way – one was that the couple lived in Memphis and the second was the winter storm crossing their path. The storm caused many flights to be canceled, and even some roads were closed.

Image Credit: FaithIt

The Faris family really had no choice, Brooklyn, 2 years old, had been born with Alagille syndrome, which is a rare genetic disease that affects the liver and heart. Brooklyn needed a liver transplant, and she needed to be in Chicago by the next morning – it was a matter of life or death. Did you know that FedEx will sometimes fly patients in extreme emergencies?

As you know, they are not a passenger carrier and make their own decisions about flying in inclement weather. Neither did I, but a family friend of the Faris’ did! FedEx agreed to fly the family to Chicago, despite the terrible weather! Within 30 minutes, the family was on their way! Brooklyn made it to the hospital and underwent the procedure.

Image Credit: Jesse Faris

One month later, she was healthy enough to go home – and FedEx arranged a return flight for the whole family!

They were greeted by a small army of excited people back in Memphis!

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