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Toddler Electrocuted To Death After Accidentally Putting Charger Tip In Mouth While It’s Plugged In

A number of reports regarding a tragic incident in Jahangirabad, Bulandshahr, India have surfaced involving the devastating accidental passing of a toddler.

Sources have conflicting information regarding the incidents, with some stating that the victim is a three-year-old son while others report a two-year-old daughter, but the story itself remains the same horrifying tale.

A woman named Razia brought her young toddler along to visit the family grandparents one Friday, and they were going to stay at the home over the weekend.

It all seemed to be leading up to a fun and relaxing time with family, but it, unfortunately, did not end that way.

The next day, on the following day, a Saturday, one family member was charging his phone.

Once he was done using it for that purpose, he simply unplugged his phone, leaving the charger switched on and its cable out across the table.

Many of us likely do the same, especially if we’re just quickly moving things around – laptop and phone charges often stay on, unattended, and unused.

As such, this was by no means an unusual decision.

That’s when the young toddler came across the charger. Being curious, and being young, they decided to put the charger into their mouth.

That’s when the electrified charger tip struck the inside of their wet mouth, causing a devastating electric shock.

It wasn’t long before the child’s family chanced upon them and hurried them to the closest hospital.

Doctors hurried to do all they could, but sadly, it was too late. The toddler was pronounced dead just a short amount of time after arrival.

Luckily, the family is not facing legal repercussions, and they are being given time and space to grieve this tragic loss.

Precautions For The Safety Of Young Children

If you have young kids wandering around your home, it’s a good idea to take some precautions in order to ensure that they are kept safe to avoid such a tragedy.

Here are some tips:

1. Burn Protection

Burns are painful and easily infected, and it can be difficult for a baby or toddler to get out of a situation where they can be easily burned.

Make sure the clothes iron is always turned off when out of use, your kettles aren’t in grabbing distance, and you aren’t leaving stoves or ovens on.

Ideally, place them all well out of reach of a tiny baby’s arms.

2. Electrical Protection

This tragic story is a prime example of why electrical protection is necessary.

Turn off devices that you aren’t using, and make sure a child doesn’t have easy access to a place packed with wires.

Outlet covers can also be used to prevent a child from sticking their fingers into them.

3. Fall Protection

Toddlers and babies love to crawl around. As such, safety guards should be installed in order to prevent nasty tumbles from stairs and balconies.

4. Poison Protection

Toddlers love to put things into their mouths. That’s how they satisfy their curiosity regarding all the objects they see around them.

As such, poisonous items should be kept far out of reach. Cleaning agents, soaps, and even bleach should be placed far away from grabby hands.